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    Why should you ...

    People don't realize how important it is to take care of their feet.We seem to think it's the most normal thing to do the daily body care for our looks,but the feet are second thought.

    Often the feet are getting attention if there are problems,if toenails are painful,hard skin is burning or corns feel sore.

    Do you have problems ?

    Don't wait unnecessarily. Have your feet treated by a professional pedicurist .One visit every five or six weeks is enough to maintain comfort.


    Young or old,male or female: everyone benefits from good foot care.

    To take good care of your feet is my ambition.


    My name is Ulrike and I am a certified Pedicurist,having qualified in Germany in March 2014


    I live and work in the beautiful valley of Silves - Odelouca


    In addition to the foot care I also offer Spa Pedicure, Paraffin Bath for hands and feet,Manicure ,relaxing hand and foot massage and

    energetic foot massage.

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    Due to my health unfortunately I can't do home visits anymore.


    I speak Dutch,English,German and a little Portuguese.


    When I´m not on home visits I work ( by appointment !!) from Monday till Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m


    Feel free to contact me by Phone 919 390 871 or email to

    yourfeet1@ gmail.com


    I'm looking very forward to meeting you .

    For my loyal customers a small "Thank You"

    With full card you will receive either a short relaxing foot massage or a manicure for free.

    Christmas, Birthday,Mother's or Father's day ....

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    Health Benefits of Paraffin wax treatment

    Aside from the beauty advantages, paraffin increase

    the blood flow, helps to relax muscles,joint stiffness and reduce pain. It increases the skin’s elasticity and mobility and heal hardened or cracked skin.

    A paraffin treatment is NOT recommendet for those with diabetes,varicose veins, high blood pressure or open wounds-sores.

  • B/S Brace Magnetic System -The active adhesive Brace

    The B/S Magnetic System Brace, is flexible and can be initially fitted to any nail form. Tension is then applied and controlled by the elastic plastic pad of the B/S Brace once the brace is adhered by the glue.

    This will give immediate relief after the application .




    The B/S Magnetic System  Brace is recommend for ingrown nails and deform nails.

    This treatment method is suitable for all age groups and can also be used on diabetics.

    The brace is comfortable to wear and can be lacquered .

    Price of treatment  on demand

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